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Malawi President Celebrates PSLCE Top Performer Alinafe Chulu; Girl Child on the move!

Alinafe Chulu

In a nation where male dominance remains the prevailing trend, this trend is experiencing a seismic shift as feminine energy is also clearly asserting itself as a force to reckon with. A case in point is demonstrated by the latest results of the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) in Malawi where a 12 year old girl, Alinafe Chulu, achieved the highest scores in the entire country. This achievement left an indelible impression on the President of the republic Lazarus Chakwera, prompting him to arrange a special ceremony at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe yesterday, to congratulate the star performer.

“Remember that your name means ‘God is with us.’ This means that in all that you do, you must remember that God is with you. You must, therefore, feel confident that He will lead you for the rest of your academic life. I wish you all the best. May you be a good example to others,” declared President Chakwera as he addressed the young scholar.

The President also extended his congratulations to all the teachers and schools in the country that have excelled in the PLSCE examinations, stating that education is one of the key elements that will make agenda 2063 possible.

Madam Monica Chakwera, the First Lady of Malawi, also spoke at the function, lamenting the limited number of girls who were able to finish primary school and transition to secondary education, revealing that only 5% of girls in government primary schools manage this transition due to various challenges.

“We are proud that a girl, Alinafe Chulu, emerged as the best learner in the Standard 8 examinations this year,” remarked First Lady Chakwera, emphasizing the importance of empowering girls in education.

Alinafe was accompanied by her proud parents and representatives from Playdor Private Secondary School in Kameza, Blantyre, where she has excelled academically. Also present at the ceremony were the Minister of Education, Hon. Madalitso Kambauwa, MP. and the Permanent Secretary for Education, Chikondano Musa.

Playdor Private Secondary School, where Alinafe has been a standout student, achieved an impressive 100% pass rate in the PSLCE exams. Eighty-two percent of the Standard 8 learners at the school have been selected to various secondary schools, with 19 of them securing placements in national secondary schools.

Mr. Mhura, the director of Playdor Secondary School, praised Alinafe’s consistent academic excellence throughout her primary school education, expressing astonishment at her achievement as the best student in the PSLCE exams, stating that it was a pleasant surprise for the school.

Alinafe Chulu’s journey to academic success has not been without its trials. Born in Blantyre, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her education and almost dashed her dreams. She acknowledged the support she received from her family, friends, and dedicated teachers who helped her overcome the challenges and emerge victorious.

Speaking during the function, Alinafe’s father revealed that one of the key factors behind her success was the family’s emphasis on the teaching of God’s Word to their children, as “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Alinafe’s story is one of determination and family sacrifice. Her parents, Horad and Eveness, faced financial hardships, including job losses and the need to sell property, to ensure their children’s education. Eveness, a primary school teacher herself, explained how they received support from relatives during the challenging times.

In her message to fellow students, Alinafe encouraged them to work hard, dream big, and show respect for their teachers, emphasizing that discipline plays a crucial role in shaping a bright future.

She also cautioned against peer pressure and urged her peers to choose friends wisely while upholding the values taught by their parents and teachers.

Alinafe Chulu’s exceptional achievement serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the youth of Malawi, showcasing the unwavering support of family and community and also highlighting the importance of education.

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