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Ex-Bushiri’s ‘son’ set to confess: “It’s time to be free and free indeed”

Good old days: Mlolowa and Bushiri

As Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is trying to move out of the doldrums of his spiritual career after being embroiled in scandalous issues in the past two years, one of his former employees has announced that will start giving a confession next week.

Writing on his facebook page, the employee, identified as Amos Mlolowa, says he will share his experience “working for Sheppard Bushiri” on Monday followed by part two which will be in video form.

Mlolowa says he joined Bushiri in 2016 but he decided to quit because the Prophet started assigning him duties that were extreme in nature.

“Like other Malawian young men who were also there working for him and being extremely loyal to him knowing he was independently our dependence in South Africa, I had no choice but to do as he wished.

” I was diagnosed with Enxiety disorder which led to my decision to return home, and leave other young men of Malawian origin doing things too.”

He added :”To cut the long story short I have done things. Things that now keep me awake many nights long after I have done them for his sake [Bushiri] in mind knowing and feeling that he is my spiritual father as we called him Papa and he called us his Sons. It is a battle I have been fighting in my mind.

“The things that I did have robbed me of my peace. My conscious won’t allow me to continue like this anymore and watch others continue repeating the things we did there or else where. It’s time to be free and free indeed.”

Amos Mlolowa was working at Major 1 Records, recording ECG church artists including Gwamba and Onesimus.

He is a drummer and he was in ECG choir as a drummer.

Shire Times understands that he is a young brother of Felix Mlolowa who also revolted against Bushiri in 2020.

He is now working hand in hand with Patience Namadingo.

Namadingo himself unceremoniously parted ways with Bushiri around 2016 or so, after which there was a moment of beef between the two.

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