Saturday, April 13, 2024

Namadingo Asserts Brand Identity Amid Collaboration Criticism with artist Merchah

Renowned Afro R&B sensation Namadingo has expressed his keenness to collaborate with emerging artists, a tradition he has upheld having previously collaborated with seasoned veterans. The artist behind the hit track “Maury” made these remarks while discussing his latest project, a collaboration with the promising up-and-comer Merchah.

Their recent release, a joint audio and visual venture titled “Obeba,” marks Namadingo’s foray into collaborating with fresh talent. Notably, Namadingo has previously engaged in collaborative endeavors with established figures such as Giddes Chalamanda, Lucius Banda, Billy Kaunda, the Black Missionaries, and Miracle Chinga, paying homage to Malawi’s musical heritage.

Reflecting on his prolific output, Namadingo dismissed the notion of adhering to a specific release schedule, asserting that there is no fixed formula for sharing music. With three singles already unveiled this year, he remains undeterred by criticism regarding the frequency of his releases.

Looking ahead, Namadingo revealed plans for an album slated for release later this year. Addressing speculation that he is  riding on the wave of the emerging artists to stay relevant, he swiftly refuted such claims, affirming his commitment to artistic exploration and growth.

“I am the wave” he said.

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