Monday, February 26, 2024

Namadingo Embraces Competition as Key to Conquering Global Music Scene

In a candid interview on Times TV’s Exclusive Programme with Brian Banda, Patience Namadingo addressed the question of competition on the local music scene, particularly from emerging talents like Driemo. Namadingo, undeterred, emphasized that such competition is essential for the growth of the Malawi Music Industry and his personal aspirations to make an impact internationally.

Drawing inspiration from the success story of the Nigerian music industry, Namadingo highlighted the paradigm shift initiated by P-Square. He explained that the introduction of artists like Davido followed, and collectively, these musicians expanded their influence beyond national borders.

Namadingo underscored the significance of numbers, emphasizing that conquering other countries is not a solo endeavor but requires a collective effort akin to an army. In his view, the presence of diverse talents contributes to the industry’s vibrancy and ultimately positions Malawi on the global musical map.

Namadingo concluded his interview with a quotation from John F. Kennedy (1960)  that “A society whose young men and women are in constant state of slumber will never realize her full potentials.”


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