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Communities in Lilongwe Praise Chakwera Government’s Social Cash Transfer Program


Recipients of the Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP), known as Mtukula Pakhomo, in Lilongwe district have expressed their gratitude to the Chakwera led administration for implementing this initiative, citing its significant impact on enhancing their quality of life.

Salifano Janitala, a 64-year-old beneficiary from Traditional Authority Kabudula, conveyed on Friday that the financial assistance he received has played a pivotal role in fortifying his tearoom business. With the funds acquired from the SCTP, Janitala has successfully established a tearoom, generating a daily gross income of at least MK15,000. This income not only sustains his family of ten but also sustains the continuous operations of his business.

Janitala shared his aspirations, revealing his vision to establish a grocery shop in the coming years. This ambition is fueled by his prudent management of funds, including those obtained from selling goats acquired through savings from the SCTP.

“Using the money which I receive monthly from the program, I have managed to embark on animal and poultry farming and I now have four goats and ten local chickens,” he said.

Another beneficiary, Christina Harrison a widow of five children said since she joined the program she has managed to pay school fees for her daughter who has now completed her secondary education.

Harrison said apart from paying school fees for her children, she has also managed to build a house, though it is roofed with grass and she intends to buy iron sheets next year after saving some cash through Mtukula Pakhomo.

Lilongwe District Social Welfare Officer Responsible for Social Cash Transfer Programme Sarah Chimodzi said it is encouraging that many beneficiaries are able to invest in livestock, such as chicken, goats and pigs.

Chimodzi further said the programme has also assisted in reducing negative risks such as withdrawal of children from school and absenteeism among others.

The programme in Lilongwe district [SCTP] is being managed by Malawi Government with support from World Bank and it targets ultra-poor and labour-constrained households by providing them support in form of cash. It covers 22 Traditional Leaders and has a total number of 29, 512 beneficiaries.


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