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Chisale lies he is 42 years old when his passport says was born in 1975

Brandishing his Bible in a clear abuse of the holy Book, former Presidential bodyguard Paulos Norman Chisale shocked the entire Malawi nation during an Exclusive Interview aired on Zodiak Television yesterday. In the interview, Chisale revealed beyond reasonable doubt how Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials think.  He revealed why why Malawians should never consider voting back DPP in power in its current configuration.

Chisale did not use profanities on National Television. Chisale also threatened the lives of former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Steven Kayuni and Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo among othets that also includes Police spokesperson Kadadzera. Chisale threat to Kayuni was shocking. Carrying his Bible, he said he would never forgive Kayuni for arresting him numerous times for his alleged money financial crimes offences.

Sunday Times columnists Madalitso Musa was left in shock seeing Chisale behaving like a lunatic that he is.

“Imagine that person is given power again. The raw agitation of vengeance, the unashamed lies, the flip-flopping of presumed facts. Good people we have monsters amongst us. Actually, we might be the monsters,” wrote Mussa.

He added:

“I must confess, I have ever had some anger about some people who stole some years of my life and reputation because of jealousy, lies and very silly accusations. But, I swear, I do not think I would swear, actually, in public not to forgive someone who pierced my soul in their line of duty. Of course I still remember the names but I somehow work so hard to obliterate their heinous deeds to me.”

As if the shock inflicted on Malawians yesterday was not enough, Chisale also lied that he is 42 when his passport shows that he was born in 1975 and therefore is 48 years old.  If he can lie over his age, how sure are we that indeed he did not orchestrate the murder of that ACB senior officer Issa Njaunji?

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