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Lies without caution: Chisale’s series of lies and blatant show of sadistic and depraved character

Chisale arrested


Norman Chisale, feeling that his misguided letter that was addressed to a wrong entity failed to create the calculated public sympathy or reach its overestimated height, decided to negotiate for space on the broadcasting platform that is Zodiak where he engaged in an exclusive interview.

In the interview, Chisale dispensed lies without shame including on petty matters like age and place of birth. When asked about his age, Chisale mentioned that he is 42 years old. However, official information contained in government records including his passport indicate that he was born on 11th November 1975 (entailing that in four days’ time he will be clocking exactly 48 years).

He further mentioned that he was born in Ntcheu – his declared home village. However, his passport indicates that he was born in Salima. Whether the information contained in the official records in the one that is a lie, there is a guarantee that Chisale is a serial liar who has inclination to lie even on petty issues like age and place of birth.

Chisale claimed that he worked with Bakili Muluzi as an Intelligence Officer for 10 years. Before that, he says, he worked in the Malawi Army for 10 years. Thereafter, he said, he worked with Bingu Mutharika throughout his 8 years’ term. Then stayed out of government (during Joyce Banda’s tenure) for 2 years. Then worked with Peter Mutharika for 6 years (up to 2020). Recently in opposition for 3 years since 2020. The total of these years is 39 years. If he claims to be 42 years old, he seems to have joined the Malawi Army whilst 3 years old. Even taking the years declared on his passport, it would mean he joined the military while 8 years old. Now, we leave it to you to judge if such a person is telling the truth or can ever tell the truth.

One would quickly forgive him if those were the only lies that he paraded, but there is more.  Firstly, a lies, in simple terms, is the difference between what is claimed and the actual truth or set of facts. The tribalist-maniac, Chisale, further mentioned that the government is persecuting Vice President Chilima as well as Bushiri because they all come from Ntcheu. To begin with, if there is a moment when Chilima enjoyed the post of Vice President in peace with all respect and benefits as well as good relationship with his boss, the President, then it is during the Chakwera administration.

Immutable evidence is there that Chilima’s Vice Presidency during the DPP under Peter Mutharika was probably his hell on earth to the extent that there was a breakaway between the two. Chilima was shunned. His office deprived of funds. When going outside the country, President Mutharika could leave the caretaker authority of State matters in the hands of his mere ministers like Mwanamveka, the late Goodall Gondwe and Kondwani Nankhumwa while shunning the Vice President. All these have never happened this time around. Whereever the President has gone locally for duties, the Vice is always there side by side. Including on mere hobbies like golf. It would only take a serial liar like Chisale himself to claim that Chilima is facing persecution under Chakwera’s presidency.

Then Chisale sought to drag in Prophet Bushiri. There is no record that the Government has any case against Bushiri. If Chisale thinks the extradition case is the Government of Malawi trying to persecute him, then he has a lot to understand. Meanwhile, it is folly of him to proceed speaking on matters that he doesn’t and probably can’t understand. Clearly, he was only leveraging these two names of public figures because the guy is inherently tribalistic, a feat that he has learnt from his foster father Mutharika.

The reality remains that Chisale is answering criminal charges and he is answering these charges in the Court of Law. It is the Court of Law that froze his accounts through an Order. If he cared to understand these basic facts, he would, probably, be a little shameful to lie that it is the Minister of Justice or Director of Public Prosecution who froze his accounts. He would have known that freezing of bank accounts has not started and ended with him as it remains a standard procedure to protect assets that are suspected to have been stolen from public treasure or obtained through criminality.

He cannot claim that the Courts are independent (which is very true by the way) and then ask the Minister of Justice to interfere with the Court’s Order of freezing his accounts. That’s a greatest display of a mind depraved of sense and suffering ignorance. Oh yeah, he thinks he can compensate his ignorance with false egos and some misconceived ability to be angry than everybody else. Mistake!


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