Thursday, July 18, 2024

Smoke, Dust and Debris; DPP’s Melting Center of Power Characterized by Chaos and Stress

Peter Mutharika

By Lastone Moonga

Chaos does not even begin to explain the situation in the opposition DPP. The words by fed-up gurus including Nicholas Dausi, a Mwanza Parliamentarian who has twice chaired DPP convention, have not even settled before the embattled gurus sitting at the centre of the party in Mangochi unleashed a reaction, dismissing all ‘dissidents’ from the party.


The move has been interpreted by commentators as “paving way for old-guard Mutharika” to enjoy and materialize his endorsement by some factions.


The party’s power-holders began with firing Joyce Chikukula as Northen Regionl Director of Women and Kelvin Chirambo as Northen Regional Director of Youth for being deamed anti-Mutharika and leaning their support towards, yet another embattled, Kondwani Nankhumwa.


Hot on the heels of the North firing, the DPP power-holder directed their artillery to the South, firing Charles Mchacha, a governor for the region in the process. The North and Southern regions are reported to have successively staged press briefs aimed at announcing resistance to the bemoaned endorsements of Mutharika by other factions from the same regions.


According to the party’s spokesperson, Shaderick Namalomba, the firing part of restricting strategy ahead of the 2025 general elections. However, analysts opine that it is all a strategy ahead of the party’s convention this year where Mutharika seems to harbor a desire to be endorsed as a continuing torchbearer.






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