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Mangochi ‘Prophet’ Phiri  jailed 19 years for desecrating own daughter

Prophet Phiri heading to Prison for 19 years

In a stunning legal spectacle that unfolded on December 29, 2023, the Mangochi Senior Resident Magistrate’s court resoundingly rendered its verdict on the enigmatic figure, Christopher Phiri—a purported prophet and the architect behind the Supernatural Embassy Ministry. The charismatic 40-year-old found himself convicted and sentenced for a grievous transgression: engaging in a grotesque liaison of a sexual nature with none other than his 16-year-old biological daughter.

Within the hallowed halls of justice, the dynamic duo comprising Mangochi Police Station’s Prosecution luminary, Inspector Amos Mwase, and the erudite Brenda Khwale, legal counsel for the Centre for Human Rights, Education, Advice, and Assistance and Rehabilitation (CHREAA), orchestrated a compelling narrative. They meticulously unveiled Phiri’s despicable deeds, chronicling the sordid events that unfolded between September and November of that fateful year, unfolding in the remote Kela village under the dominion of Traditional Authority Mponda.

The harrowing tale disclosed that the victim, who had spent the majority of her life under the care of her mother post a tumultuous divorce when she was a mere 2-year-old, saw her life take a dark turn when Phiri, the once-trusted progenitor, beckoned her to reside with him. Alas, what seemed like a semblance of familial reunion soon morphed into a grotesque nightmare.

As whispers of the victim being coerced into assuming conjugal responsibilities began to circulate within the community, the catalyst for justice emerged. On November 28, prompted by concerned citizens, the long arm of the law intervened. Police, armed with this disturbing tip, subjected both perpetrator and victim to separate interrogations, revealing a disturbing trove of evidence—a damning collection of nude photographs and salacious videos residing in their mobile phones.

Upon the theatrical stage of the courtroom, Phiri, represented by Counsel Smart Khalifa, capitulated, pleading guilty to the heinous charges of engaging in illicit carnal activities with a minor and committing acts of indecent assault. In a tone of mitigation, Phiri implored the court for leniency, painting himself as a first-time offender while audaciously placing blame upon his own flesh and blood, accusing her of seductive machinations.

Unyielding in their pursuit of justice, the state attorneys urged the court to imbue its judgment with a gravity befitting the egregious nature of the crimes committed. They cast Phiri’s actions as not only morally repugnant but perilously harmful, rendering him a clear and present danger to his own progeny by robbing her of innocence.

In the denouement of this legal saga, Senior Resident Magistrate Muhammad Chande, echoing the sentiments of the prosecution, delivered a resolute sentence. He decried Phiri’s conduct as a stark departure from the tenets of godliness, underscoring the severity of the crimes perpetrated within the sacred bounds of familial trust.

He therefore sentenced him to 19-years for having sexual activity with a minor and 13-years imprisonment with hard labour for indecent assault. All sentences to run concurrently.

Phiri hails from Manjawira village, Traditional Authority Phambala in Ntcheu district.


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