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TA M’bwatalika of Lilongwe elevated to Senior Chief

Senior Chief M'bwatalika

The government has bestowed a higher status upon Traditional Authority (TA) M’bwatalika of Lilongwe, promoting them to the position of Senior Chief, accompanied by a strong admonition urging chiefs to steer clear of any taint of corruption.

Addressing the gathering at the elevation ceremony hosted at Chingondo Primary School ground within the district, Minister of Local Government, Unity, and Culture, Richard Chimwendo Banda, emphasized the pivotal role chiefs play as the linchpins of economic progress within their respective domains. Consequently, he underscored the imperative for them to embody the highest standards of conduct and serve as shining examples to their communities.

“Chiefs duty is to ensure that people are receiving development projects as well as to ensure that there is unity and peace in the country. As such, we would want to see that chiefs are promoting unity in their areas because development projects cannot take place if there is no peace,” he said.

He, therefore, advised the newly elevated traditional leader to continue upholding cultural heritage and preservation of historical events.

The Member of Parliament representing the area, Jean Sendeza, concurrently holding the position of Minister of Gender, Community Development, and Social Welfare, lauded the government for the elevation of TA M’bwatalika. Sendeza underscored that such a commendable gesture serves as a potent instrument to motivate other traditional leaders to ardently dedicate themselves to their responsibilities.

Sendeza further pledged unwavering support to the recently elevated chief, ensuring the seamless execution of the developmental initiatives delineated by the government within their jurisdiction.

Offering his insights, Senior Chief Tsabango, acting as the spokesperson for all chiefs in Lilongwe, articulated that the elevation of TA M’bwatalika symbolizes the unequivocal recognition by the government, led by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, of the intrinsic value that chiefs contribute to the well-being and progress of their respective regions.

“I am impressed with what government is doing to us chiefs such as constructing houses for paramount chiefs. Therefore, my message to the newly elevated chief is that she should be patriotic and work with the government of the day to ensure that her area is developed,” said TA Tsabango.


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