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Gogo Zeliya Clan Expresses Gratitude to Kabudula Hospital Staff after surviving food poisoning

Gogo Zeliya Clan Members

Kabudula Community Hospital is situated on the outskirts of Lilongwe city, along the modern Kasiya-Santhe Road, about 55 kilometres from Lilongwe City. Therefore, when push comes to shove for anyone travelling within this road stretch requiring urgent medical attention, you have no option but to stop there and so far, reports coming out of the facility indicate that the staff at this hospital are up to the game.

This is a case in point: In December 2022, nine members of Gogo Zeliya Lupiya clan suffered food poisoning following a funeral in Kasungu district. The situation was very serious such that the best they would do was to stop at the hospital for medical attention and the staff at the hospital, according to the members, never disappointed.  Professional service they delivered and stabilising the situation they did and in the long run, all nine members walked out of the facility with an untarnished clean bill of health.

And as part of their new year celebrations,  the clan members embarked on a pilgrimage of gratitude to Kabudula Community Hospital. Their return to this medical sanctuary was not a desperate plea for assistance as it was in 2022, but a jubilant expression of appreciation towards the health workers for saving their lives on that fateful day.

Elida Mateketa, one of the family members, praised the professionalism and dedication of the Kabudula staff.

“When we thought we could not find a proper hospital in the most rural area, we encountered Kabudula Community Hospital, and they simply saved our lives,” said Mateketa.

The grateful family did not come empty-handed as they brought an assortment of items, including cooking oil, sugar, salt, Protext, Ufresh, and tissue for the hospital.

Mr. Matchaya, the anesthetist, expressed his happiness, saying, “We did not expect the gesture that this family has demonstrated after one year of being helped at this facility.”

On his part, Dr. Mackson Zephaniah, the hospital director, was thrilled with the family’s gesture. He saw it as a testament to the hospital’s hard work and improved healthcare service.

“When our clients come back to thank us, we take that as positive feedback on our work, and this has encouraged us to step up our efforts in 2024. We aim to strive for excellence and be a center of excellence,” he said.

The Gogo Zeliya Clain’s gesture is a shining example of the strong bond between healthcare providers and their patients. It is also a reminder of the critical role that healthcare workers play in saving lives and improving the health of communities. The Kabudula Community Hospital is committed to providing excellent healthcare services and will continue to work tirelessly to serve the people of Malawi.

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