Thursday, July 18, 2024

What? Prophet Bushiri reveals how to turn a wife into an angel

Prophet Bushiri and Wife Mary Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri imparts guidance to both Malawians and his widespread global audience, urging them to cherish and honor their wives.

Addressing his audience via social media, Bushiri, now residing in Malawi after evading South African legal proceedings due to perceived threats to his life, emphasized that by treating one’s wife with utmost respect and care, they invoke an angelic presence within them.

He said:

“If you want your woman to be an angel and perfect for you —then create a heavenly environment for her. Not hell. Angels live in heaven, not hell.

“If you create a heaven, you get an angel; and if you create hell, you get a demon. That’s it! That’s how things are.”



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