Friday, March 1, 2024

Israel government offers Malawi 100,000 jobs across various sectors

Malawi Members of Parliament following proceedings in Israel Parliament

The Chakwera-led administration faces a tangible opportunity as Malawians may soon find themselves in Canaan, the proverbial land of abundance, courtesy of the Israeli government’s offer of 100,000 employment positions spanning diverse sectors.

Addressing the Malawi delegation at the Israeli Parliament Building, Nir Barakt, the Minister of the Economy for Israel, underscored the urgency of swift action, highlighting the competitive landscape wherein countries like India are presenting sizable employment prospects.

Barakt specified that the primary demand is in the fields of agriculture and construction. He inquired about the timeline for delivering the initial 10,000 workers, prompting Secretary to the Treasury Betchani Tchereni to assert that, with logistical arrangements made by Israel, the workforce could be deployed within a week. Tchereni, reflecting on the meeting, emphasized the monumental nature of this opportunity, urging Malawi to seize it without hesitation.

Prepare, Malawian youth, for an expedition to Israel—this prospect is becoming a reality.


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