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Autopsy Reveals Malawi Vice President Chilima Died Instant on Impact with Crashing Plane

Plane Carrying Veep Chilima Crushed in Chikangawa


In what appears to be forthcoming answers to numerous questions that surrounded the tragic death of Malawi’s Vice President, Saulos Klaus Chilima, autopsy report has been submitted, shedding light on the tragic circumstances of his tragic demise.

The autopsy was conducted by a private pathologist, Steve Kamiza of Kamiza Pathology Laboratories, who was chosen by the Chilima family. Notably, Chilima’s elder brother, Ben Chilima, was present throughout the examination process and also during the investigation at the crash site.

According to the comprehensive report, which Shire Times has seen, the cause of Vice President Chilima’s death was a “massive intrathoracic hemorrhage” resulting from a “high-velocity blunt force injury to the chest wall.”

The revelations approves preliminary observations which informed the State President who announced that the Vice President died due to impact with the crashing plane.

The report further details the catastrophic nature of Chilima’s injuries, including the severance of his ascending aorta, ruptured heart chambers, fractured skull, and extensive trauma to his limbs. These injuries, the pathologists determined, were “unsurvivable” and resulted in his instant death upon the initial impact of the plane crash.

Chilling details from the report suggest that Chilima, who was a staunch catholic faithful, clung desperately to his rosary as the plane plummeted, with his fingers “rigidly frozen in a grip” around the religious artifact.

According to the autopsy report, red soil and blades of grass found deeply embedded in his wounds corroborate the conclusion that when the plane was falling to the ground, the victims of the crash were already dead thereby explaining absence of blood on the area where the body was found.

According to medical expert from whom Shire Times has heard on non-disclosure agreement basis, when a dead body is cut blood does not come out mainly because the has is no longer functioning. The medical practitioner has further explained that when the blood is not functioning, blood does not flow since it is the pumping of the blood by the heart that creates the pressure necessary for the flowing of the blood.

Significantly, the report states that the nine passengers aboard the doomed flight, including Chilima, were all killed instantly, with no evidence of any survivors or signs of post-impact injuries or manhandling.

The pathologists’ conclusions have been presented to the Chilima family, who chose to conduct the independent autopsy despite the ongoing investigation by aviation authorities into the cause of the tragic plane crash.

While the nation continues to mourn the loss of its vice president, the autopsy report provides a somber account of the final moments of Saulos Chilima and the other victims, underscoring the devastating nature of the accident that claimed their lives.

Despite the family’s choice of pathologist to conduct the autopsy, the Chilima family has apparently not yet released the full report to the public. This has fanned the runours that the family might have had its own theories and that perhaps the expected explanations of the death of their beloved member has failed to match the realities of the independent forensic outcome.

The crash itself is still under investigation by aviation authorities from Germany, who are working to determine the exact cause of the catastrophic failure that led to the plane’s sudden descent.

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