Friday, July 12, 2024

Comrade Mtambo Commends President Chakwera’s Road Network Progress


Comrade Timothy Mtambo emerged from his period of seclusion on Tuesday, several months after his dismissal from the position of Minister of Unity lauding Chakwera for his effective efforts in areas such as infrastructure development, particularly in road networks. This endorsement took place during an Exclusive Interview conducted by privately owned Zodiak TV.

However, Mtambo did not present a completely favorable assessment of the Chakwera administration. He acknowledged the presence of ongoing issues affecting Malawians, including corruption and hunger. Despite this, he remained hopeful that Chakwera would be able to address these problems and find solutions.

Mtambo also revealed his intention to periodically address the nation, proposing potential remedies to the challenges that Malawians are currently facing.

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