Thursday, July 18, 2024

Security houses taking shape; Malawi Pres. Chakwera’s enduring legacy

It even had to  take artists like Joseph Nkasa to express concern about the dire state of housing for our military personnel who were residing in extremely small residences constructed during Dr. Banda’s era. To make matters worse, these tiny houses had fallen into disrepair, creating a truly unfortunate situation for our servicemen. President Chakwera entered the scene and criticized the neglect that previous administrations had shown towards our military and police personnel, particularly those in the Police service. He made a pledge to construct better housing for these security agents.

Similar to how President Chakwera successfully addressed the issue of electricity shortages, he has also overseen the construction and completion of numerous houses for security personnel. This accomplishment will be the enduring impact that Chakwera will be remembered for in this country. His dedication and substantial efforts in this undertaking deserve appreciation and recognition.



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