Thursday, July 18, 2024

DPP fate to die in opposition slowy sealed as central region endorses APM


Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) playing out of fashion politics is at it again.  This time around, he has managed to convince the Central region to endorse his candidature in 2025. DPP Vice President Zeliya Chakale took over from Goodal Gondwe, Vice President, North, in endorsing Peter Mutharika as the torchbearer of the party in 2025.

In DPP, progressive minds know that featuring APM in 2025 as a Presidential candidate will be a myopic strategy whose outcome will be predictable in that it will be giving President Lazarus Chakwera another five-year term on a silver platter. However, APM and his minions, still think they are still relevant in today’s politics.

MCP officials must be happy with what is going on in DPP as they know with APM, they will eat DPP not even for lunch but for breakfast come 2025. And they say, when your enemy is making blunders, don’t disturb them. Let DPP continue making such political blunders because surely, the time for them to harvest will surely come and defeat will be waiting for them and at that point, DPP can even go together with octogenarian Peter Mutharika to perpetual extinction. They will have these old-timers, Goodall Gondwe, and Zelia Chakale to blame.


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