Thursday, July 18, 2024

Malawi’s First Lady Monica Chakwera Takes Lead in TB Battle as Champion

Monica now TB Champion

Malawi’s First Lady, Madam Monica Chakwera, has been appointed as Malawi’s Tuberculosis (TB) Champion, a role lauded by health advocates and experts as a symbol of robust political determination to eradicate the disease by 2030. This designation was conferred upon Madam Chakwera during a meeting with the National TB and Leprosy Elimination Program (NTLEP), PARADISO TB Patients Trust, and the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives.

In her capacity as TB Champion, the First Lady is tasked with spearheading initiatives to secure financial resources for TB, combat stigma and discrimination against TB-affected populations, promote improved nutrition for TB patients, advocate for cross-sectoral involvement, and encourage community engagement in the battle against TB.

Dr. James Mpunga, Program Manager for the NTLEP, noted that Madam Chakwera’s assumption of this new role marks a significant milestone in Malawi’s quest to eradicate TB by 2030, demonstrating a resolute commitment at the highest echelons of the nation. He expressed gratitude for Her Excellency’s dedication to addressing gender disparities in TB response, as well as tackling stigma and discrimination.

In Malawi, TB remains the leading cause of death among individuals living with HIV, with a high TB/HIV co-infection rate of 45%. Like many other countries worldwide, Malawi is implementing the End TB Strategy, which aims to reduce TB-related deaths and incidence rates compared to 2015 levels, among other goals.



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