Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mzuzu University Comes Under Fire for Sexually Transmitted Grades

Mzuzu University

Mzuzu University has found itself embroiled in a scandal of epic proportions, garnering attention for all the scandalous reasons. The saga of sexually transmitted grades, which first surfaced in 2019 and persisted through 2020 to 2022, has reared its ugly head once more in 2024, highlighting the university’s sluggish response to the issue.

A lecturer from the Communication Studies department stands accused by a female student, who bravely stepped forward to reveal that she has been subjected to relentless advances in exchange for academic favors. The sordid affair has shed light on the pervasive culture of exploitation plaguing the institution.

Amidst the turmoil, the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) has risen to demand accountability for the rampant “sex-for-grades” scandal plaguing the university. In a scathing statement issued on Monday, CSEC’s Executive Director, Benedicto Kondowe, and Chairperson, Limbani Nsapato, condemned the disturbing reports, urging swift and decisive action to address the systemic abuse of power by lecturers engaging in illicit relationships with vulnerable female students in exchange for academic advancement.

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