Thursday, July 18, 2024

Truth Unveiled: DPP MPs’ False Claims Exposed, Chakwera’s Nationwide Maize Distribution Evident

A cascade of groundless and unsubstantiated grievances has emanated from beleaguered Members of Parliament of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the main opposition, asserting that the government is withholding maize in specific regions of the country. These allegations appear crafted to cast President Lazarus Chakwera as the devil incarnate himself. However, in stark contradiction, revelations from the Shire Times suggest that President Chakwera’s administration has diligently dispatched maize to all markets within Admarc depots nationwide.

The most recent corroboration of this claim involves the purported theft of maize by Traditional Authority Bvumbwe and his confederates. Furthermore, a recent incident in Khonjeni, Thyolo district, where irate villagers vied for relief maize, serves as another testament. Village Headman Saopa, present at the scene, contended that the district council officials, while delivering the maize, exhibited undue delays before initiating the distribution.

In the face of such compelling evidence, the insistence of DPP MPs on propagating baseless assertions reflects a deliberate intent to disseminate disinformation. It becomes apparent that President Chakwera, in contrast to his predecessor Mutharika, is a leader for the entire nation, not confined to the presidency of the southern region as Mutharika was. The DPP’s recourse to nonsensical rhetoric and the dissemination of inflammatory propaganda should cease forthwith, as the evidence overwhelmingly refutes their unfounded claims.

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