Thursday, July 18, 2024

UNIMA Law Students Shines in Ian Fletcher Insolvency Moot Court Competition

Dokera, Wenesi and Chirwa

The University of Malawi has advanced to the quarter-finals of the prestigious Ian Fletcher International Insolvency Moot Court Competition, placing among the top 8 contenders globally. Representing UNIMA are three distinguished 4th year law students: Charles Dokera, Rashiedah Winesi, and Martin Chirwa.

This competition serves as a platform for law students, insolvency experts, and practitioners from around the world to engage in the intricacies of International Insolvency Law. It comprises two segments: a written component and virtual oral rounds. Following the initial written phase, only the top 16 teams were selected to participate in the virtual oral round, from which the top 8 teams have emerged as quarter-finalists.

“It’s been an exciting adventure exploring cross-border insolvency law and competing against other universities. It’s been an enlightening process,” said Rashiedah Winesi, one of the team members.

Ms. Atupele Masanjala, the coach of the UNIMA team, said that UNIMA’s achievement of reaching the top 8 is particularly remarkable given that it’s their debut in the competition and international insolvency law isn’t part of the undergraduate curriculum at UNIMA. While the students have demonstrated outstanding research and advocacy skills, they acknowledge the invaluable support received from legal experts within and outside UNIMA. Notably, Kalekeni Kaphale Lawyers and Senior Counsel Kalekeni Kaphale provided both technical and financial assistance, while Mbendera and Nkhono Associates offered financial support.

The quarter-finals’ Oral Arguments presentation is scheduled for February 23, 2024. Despite this being UNIMA’s first Ian Fletcher Moot Competition, the university has a distinguished history in international moot competitions. In previous years, UNIMA has participated actively in renowned events like the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition, the African Human Rights Moot Court Competition, and the John H Jackson International Trade Law Moot. Notably, in 2017, UNIMA secured impressive rankings at the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Competition. UNIMA’s success in the Ian Fletcher Insolvency Moot Court Competition reflects its enduring legacy in international moot court competitions.



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