Sunday, May 26, 2024

Malawi President Chakwera launches Country-Wide  Classroom Construction Project

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has overseen the commencement of a construction initiative, inaugurating the building project for 10,900 economically viable classroom structures and 1,000 sanitation facilities as part of the Malawi Education Reforms Programmes (MERP). This endeavor aims to enhance the educational environment within public primary schools across the nation.

Addressing attendees at Chikololere Primary School in Golomoti, Dedza District, on Thursday, President Chakwera emphasized the pivotal role of quality primary education as the bedrock of development, stressing the imperative for increased support in this domain.

“Primary education is one of the key elements for sustainable development; therefore, quality education needs well improved classrooms, enough teaching and learning materials, and construction of classrooms and sanitation rooms will help to decongest number of learners per class which will help to improve the learning environment in primary schools nationwide,” said Chakwera.

The President also urged the Minister of Education to draft a proposal for funding from the World Bank and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to facilitate the construction of teachers’ housing projects in primary schools throughout Malawi.

The initiative aims to erect 10,900 classrooms and 1,000 sanitation facilities nationwide, benefiting over 3,000 primary schools. Funding is provided by the World Bank and the GPE.

Chakwera emphasized that quality education is fundamental to achieving Malawi’s Vision 2063, highlighting that the construction of the classroom blocks and sanitation facilities, costing over K150 billion, is slated for completion by June 2025.






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