Thursday, July 18, 2024

DPP’s Future in Limbo as APM’s Alleged Ailing Health Sparks Party Crisis

Rumors of the deteriorating  health of octogenarian Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader, Peter Mutharika, are gaining momentum with each passing day, exacerbated by the sudden cancellation of a recent press conference. Mutharika, despite his advanced age, harbors ambitions of appearing on the 2025 ballot under the DPP banner. The cancellation of the press conference, where he was to address party supporters amidst internal power struggles and infighting, has fueled speculation about his well-being.

Whispers within the party echelons suggest a growing sense of apprehension among senior members, with some fearing that Mutharika’s candidacy in 2025 could spell electoral disaster, handing incumbent Chakwera an effortless path to prolong his governance until 2030. However, these concerns remain largely unspoken, as dissent against Mutharika is swiftly met with severe repercussions, including social isolation and public humiliation.




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