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Chakwera’s Cash Transfer Initiative Empowering Vulnerable Malawians

Social Cash Transfer underway in Kasungu

In an effort to support the most vulnerable segments of the population, the Malawi Government, in collaboration with development partners, administers various social protection initiatives, one of which is the Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP).

Through the SCTP, numerous impoverished households that face limitations in terms of labor receive a monthly allowance. The amount of this stipend varies depending on the household’s size and the number of school-age children residing within it.

Originally launched as a pilot program in Mchinji in 2006, the SCTP has since expanded to cover all districts in the country. Its primary objectives include poverty reduction and the enhancement of household nutrition, particularly by increasing the proportion of households consuming two or more meals daily.

Furthermore, the program is designed to boost school enrollment rates and, as a result, reduce dropout rates in both primary and secondary schools.

In Kasungu alone, there are 17,049 SCTP beneficiaries, many of whom have chosen to invest in goat farming using the funds they receive.

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