Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Judges Madise, Mbvundula, Kamanga, Kalembera promoted to Supreme Court

Shire Times has learnt that four High Court Judges, Dingiswayo Madise, Rowland Mbvundula, Dorothy Kamanga, and Sylvester Kalembera have been promoted to the Supreme Court of Appeal as Justices.

Kondwani Banda, the Registrar of the Malawi Court, confirmed the news. This development now brings the total number of Supreme Court appeal justices to 11.

Madise and Kamanga were among the High Court Judges who sat in the historic constitutional court that adjudicated the 2019 elections case, which resulted in the elections being canceled and a re-run being ordered, a decision that was supported in the Supreme Court when the aggrieved parties appealed.

Malawi’s Supreme Court is the country’s highest court and the ultimate appellate court.




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