Friday, March 1, 2024

Prophetic Fallout: Favour Ngulube Hit With Lawsuit Over Scandalous Affair!

Favour Ngulube

Just a day after the gavel struck down Prophet Christopher Phiri for his despicable act of having a sexual affair with his own daughter, the courts are ablaze yet again, this time in Lilongwe! Favour Ngulube, another so-called prophet, finds himself in the crosshairs of justice, accused by a furious Lilongwe man Bright Kavalo. This prophet from Divine Glory Ministries stands accused of shamelessly pocketing funds from Kavalo’s wife, stealthily pilfering both her money and their sacred trust. But that’s not the worst of it! Kavalo’s fury ignites as he points fingers at Ngulube for his lurid dalliance with his wife, a betrayal that shattered the very foundation of his marriage.

The court records, meticulously detailed by Jivason and Company on December 13, 2023, paint a sordid picture of deceit and betrayal. Kavalo’s demand for K124 million is a thunderous roar for retribution, seeking to reclaim what was snatched away—the intimacy and trust in his relationship. And that’s not all! He demands justice, calling for Ngulube’s accomplices to reveal the truth, to shed light on the clandestine dealings that robbed him of his peace of mind.

The stakes are high as Kavalo seeks recompense not just for his broken marriage but also for the financial damage, demanding accountability for the staggering sum of K119 million allegedly taken without his knowledge or consent. The court’s ticking clock ominously hangs over Ngulube and his cohorts, granting them a scant 28 days to make amends or brace themselves for a tempest of legal repercussions. The gauntlet has been thrown, and the battle lines are drawn in the sand of justice.

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