Thursday, July 18, 2024

Gilbert Mitawa now SULOM President


The ascendancy of Fleetwood Haiya to the presidency of the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) precipitated a leadership void within the Super League Association of Malawi (SULOM), given that Haiya concurrently held the position of its president. However, the resultant vacuum has promptly been addressed, with Colonel Gilbert Mitawa, the erstwhile Vice President, assuming the mantle of presidency at SULOM.

This consequential appointment was duly communicated by Williams Banda, SULOM’s General Secretary, in a communiqué dated December 26. As per Banda’s pronouncement, Mitawa is slated to preside over SULOM until the convening of the subsequent Extraordinary General Assembly, in accordance with the stipulations outlined in Article 26 (3)(4) of the SULOM Constitution.

“A vacancy in the executive committee of Sulom shall occur where there is death, resignation duly communicated to the executive committee in writing, incapacitation, non-attendance of three consecutive meetings without a valid reason or dismissal provided such committee member has been given an opportunity to be heard.

“Should a position become vacant, the executive committee may fill the vacant position until the next general meeting, when a replacement will be elected for the remaining term of the mandate,” reads the article

The upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) will additionally appoint a successor for Daud Mtanthiko, who transitioned from being a Super League of Malawi (SULOM) executive member to becoming a FAM executive member. SULOM is entrusted with the administration of the premier TNM Super League, recognized as the Elite Super League in Malawi.

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