Wednesday, July 17, 2024

High Court Rejects APM’s Bid Against DPP’s NGC Meeting: Grizelda Jeffrey 1 vs APM 0


The Democratic Progressive Party is drowning in its own chaos and internal strife. Following the dismissal of the Secretary General’s announcement regarding the holding of the National Governing Council (NGC) Meeting by the Peter Mutharika-led faction a day ago, the High Court of Malawi has shut down the Madala camp’s bid to halt the meeting, causing deep embarrassment to Mutharika and his aging cohorts.

Recently, the party’s Secretary General Grizelda Jeffrey announced that the party will hold an NGC Meeting this week to strategies on complying with the court order to conduct party convention within 90 days’ time.

The court ruling by High Court Judge Simeon Mdeza, which has permitted the National Governing Council meeting to proceed, has slapped down the attempt by figures like Shadric Namalomba, Chipiliro Mpinganjira, Jean Mathanga, and others to stop the gathering due to their exclusion from the members list.

Judge Mdeza’s decision has since postponed the hearing  of the case until January 12th but has given a green light for the NGC Meeting to proceed.

This ongoing debacle within the DPP, an opposition party aiming for power in 2025, raises serious doubts. If it can’t sort its internal mess three years after losing power, how can it be trusted to govern Malawi competently?

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