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⚫ The former Deputy Speaker borrowed the money from loan sharks.

⚫ Prophet and his accomplice evaporate with the money.

⚫ The defrauded former Deputy Speaker cries out while threatening to hunt the scammers with the help of lawyers.

Please give me back my money. I trusted you, son, as a man of God but you have duped me. I want my money. I used my property as collateral for me to obtain the loan. Please give me my money back. God will punish you. As a man of God, you shouldn’t be doing this. Give me back my money or else I will go to my lawyers.

That was Esther Mcheka Chilenje, Malawi’s former Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Member of the Parliament representing Nsanje North constituency who has been duped by a conman masquerading as a prophet.

Chilenje was heard lamenting in a phone call record audio that has gone viral on Whatsapp and the prophetic con artist, who is identified as Andrew Kambeja, was simply saying ‘yes ma’am in response to every utterance by Chilenje.

The former Deputy Speaker seems to be wallowing in misfortunes as she has recently lost her parliamentary seat and effectively her position as Deputy Speaker following the decision of the Court to nullify election results that declared her the winner in 2019.

The Court was petitioned by her closest 2019 contender, Enock Chizuzu, who challenged the declaration of Chilenje as fraudulent claiming that the votes were rigged. Chilenje was a candidate for the then ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) while her challenger was an opposition candidate representing the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). In the constituency’s by-election that followed the nullified 2019 election, the MCP’s Enock Chizuzu emerged victorious knocking Chilenje down by 9,866 votes to 8,081 votes.

Following her loss of job, Chilenje resorted to concentrating on her businesses including running a private school. In her adventure to secure a place where her private school would be situated, she met her unpleasant fate.

The self-acclaimed prophet, Kambeja, connived with Elvis Nserebo who owns school premises in Blantyre. The premises are said to have been occupied by Matindi Private School, now occupied by Maranatha Academy.

Chilenje was asked to pay K15 million in order to lease and occupy the premises for her business. Accordingly, the former Deputy Speaker desperately borrowed money from loan sharks at an exorbitant interest rate in order to effect the payment.

She then woke up to a shock of her life when she realized that the premises are actually under court dispute between the owner and Maranatha Academy who are claiming, in Court, that they leased the premises for ten years from 2018 at a rental fee of K240 million for the duration which was all paid.

Meanwhile, Maranatha Academy served the premise owner a Court Injunction stopping eviction and sale.

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