Tuesday, May 28, 2024

DPP Crumbling as Central Region VP Zeria Chakale Resigns

Zeria Chakale resigns

By now, it’s commonplace that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is facing significant challenges. Beyond the internal divisions and conflicts, the party has suffered a fresh blow with the resignation of Zeria Chakale, a trusted leader who served as the Vice President for the central region. Chakale has cited personal reasons for her resignation.

However, considering the tumultuous events within the party over the past three years, one doesn’t need to look too closely or rely on expert analysis to understand that Chakale endured a great deal while being affiliated with a party whose future looks uncertain. It was simply the right time for her to part ways.

In essence, Chakale recognizes that the DPP is in decline, and there’s little chance of it returning to power and forming a government anytime soon. It’s perplexing why anyone would leave when there are prospects of being part of the next ruling administration.

Consequently, the position of Vice President for the central region within the DPP is once again vacant. Chakale took over this role from Uladi Mussa after his conviction three years ago.

It’s worth noting that Chakale was a prominent advocate in the central region for Peter Mutharika’s candidacy in the 2025 elections. Therefore, her resignation not only represents a loss for the DPP but also a setback for Mutharika’s strong desire for political power.

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