Friday, December 1, 2023

MCP’s Ken Zikhale Ng’oma: The Ice-Breaking Joker

Zikhale N'goma

Analyst: Leonard Kavwenje

I planned to quit political commentary provision in the Malawian political flux. However, the more I come closer to Rachel Anne Maddow, Stephen Tyrone Calbert and John William Oliver, I come to discover Malawian politics better than yesterday. This prompts me to carry on Malawi’s political analyses.

This morning I woke up to a video clip of a water borehole being drilled. The caption read, “Honourable Ken Zikhale Reeves Ng’oma donates a water borehole to people of Mbulumbuzi in Chiradzulu district on 27/9/23”

I assured my intellect that finally Zikhale has successfully managed his devisation of powerful strategies for the Malawi Congress Party and the South is painted Congress now. But the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was clear that the happiest moment is the weakest moment. I laughed to myself as to why the Democratic Progressive Party is celebrating the Mtiya Ward results instead of the Malawi Congress Party.

The fact is, the Zomba result is promising only on the side of MCP not DPP. Why do I say this? Alright the difference of 40 subtends a crystal comparison picture in reference to the last General Elections results. Believe me in the recent past, Zomba had nothing to do with MCP.

If DPP blinks, this stands a clear indicator of Malawi Congress Party victory come 2025. In oscillations and waves, the physics is a transparent proximity to landslide victory of the ruling MCP.

What the DPP specie needs not to overlook is that there is Zikhale on the MCP wavelength. This giant Nkhata Bay South legislator is too statistical. He is too strategic. He is too critical in his thinking and reasoning faculties.

I do not doubt, Zikhale mastered political statistics. He is an expert in data collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organisation.

Zikhale is too creative. He is like a football player who comes up with a very good solution in a difficult football situation. He is like Pele or Diego Maradona.

You see, Zikhale is simply capitalising on the current situation in DPP and vulnerability of the DPP electorate. DPP makes me to allude the masters of satire, Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift, especially Pope who lamented “This long disease.” He was commenting on his ill health.

That’s why, under President Chakwera, the sun of better Malawi is slowly shining on the people of the South. The Southern Region is a good friend of Chakwera. This mutual cordiality is of poets Samuel Taylor Coolidge and William Wordsworth, the Romanticism icons.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, as a nation, we need to embrace what President Chakwera demonstrated for the South during the Cyclone Freddy woes. Observe with a critical eye, I am writing South not south because I understand that people in the lower region are intelligent but tired of same political tricks.

Another lethal twist, in DPP is how APM abandoned his people just a miles away to lead a luxuriant life style in Mangochi. Doesn’t this demonstrate lack of “umunthu”, love and respect for the people of the South, yet he used resources of the same abandoned people.

Even the Anglo-Saxons would agree with me that, such character is disrespectful and unthankful.

Zikhale is a game changer. He is southern window opener to the southern ends.

Chakwera deserves my epic of credit. He picked the last card of the game – Zikhale “The Joker”.

Malawians are not fools that can easily forget that prior to this new MCP, the old MCP was associated with some Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faust evils.

Initiating meaningful development projects in the South is an evidence of respecting the Lutheran orations of Dr. Bakili Elson Muluzi, “Tigwirane Manja” or the Byronic ballads of Professor Bingu wa Mutharika, “Tiyende Pamodzi ndi Mtima Umodzi”.

Day in, day out, DPP is becoming careless of its political life. MCP seems is back to power, to stay and to deliver messages of hope, love and trust.

Analytically, there is a beam of photons – light for the MCP. MCP victory is inevitable and becoming natural as breathing.

Today, out of kind, I give DPP twin assignments: Firstly, to treble party rebuilding investment. Secondly, to identify better leadership. My timely worry is that, if we articulate the Zomba gap of about 40, the result will likely be poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “Idle Tears”.

For MCP, my message is simple: Just follow and perform what your strategist Zikhale is fostering. Above all, avoid unnecessary intra-party position fights. If anything, consult Dr. Chakwera, the president. Please MCP cool down. Remobilise in character. Envy, jealousy and greed will slash the neck.

My message to Zikhale is to trade carefully. Any career success breeds useless enmity. This can sprout within the MCP or externally.

If we were to vote today. The battle between DPP and MCP would like this:

DPP: 30%
MCP: 70%

DPP: 10%
MCP: 90%

DPP: 50%
MCP: 50%

If we calculate the average of DPP’s 30, 10 and 50, the mean is 30.

If we calculate the average of MCP’s 70, 90 and 50, the mean is 70.

I strongly believe Zikhale’s numerical skills are enviable not envious.

To be continued…

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