Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Navicha Contemplates Quitting DPP as Lhomwe Belt Cordons Anti-Mutharikas from Nearing DPP Torchbearing

Mary Navicha


Things are happening, and doing so at a fast rate in DPP than Usain Bolt can run at any given day.


The former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Deputy Chief Whip in Parliament has signaled exit from the party amid wrangles whose end is outside perceivable horizon.


The Thyolo Thava parliamentarian says she is consulting her constituents on whether she should resign from the party or not, following endless squabbles incited by power struggle among factions.


The fulcrum of the recent chaos in the party involves sponsored endorsements for Mutharika to maintain bearing the torch for the party at the next presidential polls.


“I will have to consult my constituents on the direction that I should take following the leadership wrangles in the party”, Navicha said in response to a question arising from her recent resignation from august House leadership for the party.


Navicha resigned from her position as DPP’s Deputy Chief Whip in parliament on Monday, saying she needed to concentrate on constituency developments.


However, Shire Times investigations have revealed that Navicha was refused access to Page House where she was supposed to meet their party president Peter Mutharika. The refusal, Shire Times has established, was on suspicions that she is rallying her support to Kondwani Nankhumwa, a long-time fighter of DPP power seeking to wrestle leadership of the party from Mutharika.







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