Sunday, May 26, 2024

Chinese, British, USA et al come to Malawi’s aid in Cyclone Freddy disaster

Bridges swept-off due to Cyclone Freddy

Apart from the neighbors, Zambia and Tanzania who have come to the immediate help of Malawi following the massive devastation occasioned by Cyclone Freddy; our traditional partners, the UK government, and the USA government have come to our rescue in various ways.

The US government has sent 2 billion kwachas to help alleviate the suffering of the people in the provision of the essentials such as food in the camps where people affected by cyclone Freddy are living. The UK government sent its trained personnel who arrived yesterday and others who will be arriving in the country soon to help rescue people still trapped and perhaps recover dead bodies.

The Chinese government, our new friend, through the railway Company, China-Railway company-20, has volunteered to repair the damaged M1 road in Nsanje by refilling the cut-off point non the Phanga village. The work will start tomorrow.



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