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Pres. Chakwera steering country in right direction says MCP Diaspora Chair Chalo Mvula


Chalo Mvula, the Chairperson of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Diaspora forum has that despite the propaganda that is all geared in tarnishing the image of the current regime, the reality remains that President Chakwera has now settled on the role and that the fortunes are beginning to change.

Chalo said this in the November MCP Diaspora Newsletter edited by Nick Thindwa. The Chairperson disclosed that “Malawians are starting to see what a great leader we have and the vision that he has for Malawi is unwrapping itself right in front of our eyes. It’s safe to say Malawi is now in the right hands.”

“As President Chakwera says, the journey towards a new Malawi will not be easy , the road might be bumpy, but all we need as Malawians is to stand together, work together and collectively embrace the mindset change that puts a developed Malawi at the heart of every citizen of the country,” Said Mvula.

In his assessment Chalo acknowledged that the regime is facing economic challenges.

“Our economy has been one of the challenges this regime has faced. Taking over the government from DPP with depleted coffers and the many natural disasters we have faced, it has been a nightmare to get the economy of the country moving. As inflation rate remains in double digits, with Office of National Statistics reporting it to be at 27.8 as of September end, it is no secret that the journey towards economic recovery has just started,” he said.

He took the opportunity on behalf of all Malawians in the Diaspora to welcome the Newly appointed Minister of Finance Hon Simplex Chithyola Banda.

“The diaspora has so much faith in you and we believe you will continue the great work done by your predecessor Hon Sosten Gwengwe especially on getting IMF to fully resume the EDF facility,” he said.

On forex challenges, Mvula said “It is also sad that the Reserve Bank of Malawi has not fully embraced our call to find ways on how the country can benefit from the remittance coming from the diaspora. With majority of the money exchange happening on the black market, it’s time the Reserve Bank listen to the diaspora call to establish an official channel that the diaspora can use to send remittance back home, at a good rate that can deter the black market.”


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