Monday, July 15, 2024

ACB to Investigate DPP Officials in Mombera University Ghost Employee Salary Scandal


For quite some time, there have been rumors circulating about the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) using Mombera University as a source of illicit income. Strangely enough, these allegations were not merely hearsay. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) of Malawi has now revealed that it has initiated investigations into suspected embezzlement of public funds in the construction of Mombera University during the DPP’s tenure.

Under the DPP government, hundreds of fictitious employees were purportedly hired for a non-existent tertiary education institution, resulting in the draining of billions of taxpayer funds. Curiously, budgets were approved over the years not for the establishment of the university, but for the operation of this non-existent entity.

There are also reports indicating questionable expenditures, including the procurement of services, vehicles, and staff recruitment for the university. Surprisingly, government payroll records allegedly included payments to lecturers and staff members, including famous musicians in the country, such as those from the Sendera DPP band.

According to a whistleblower, audit reports reveal substantial spending on various services like gardening, landscaping, and cleaning, as well as the procurement of vehicles and services related to them. The total amount involved runs into billions of Malawian kwacha.

“Further, it was alleged that MK1.0 billion was spent on the refurbishment of Mzuzu University library and again very little was done on the site.

“The Bureau reviewed the complaint and made a referral action to the Auditor General to
institute an investigative audit into the matters to inform the Bureau’s next course of

The Bureau has recently obtained audit reports for investigation from the Auditor General’s office and has thoroughly reviewed the findings and suggestions contained therein. Following this analysis, the Bureau has confirmed its commitment to pursuing further inquiries into the Mombera matter.

“Further, you are informed that the Bureau will proceed with further investigations into the issues surrounding Mombera University. We commend you for sharing the information and thank you for your cooperation, ” reads the ACB statement in part.

Meanwhile some Malawians have called ACB to quickly resolve this case by investigating and arresting all the concerned suspects.


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