Friday, July 12, 2024

Spent Force Mtambo Sheds Tears in Public for Losing Cabinet Post


Timothy Mtambo, ousted from his cabinet position in the Chakwera administration, has unleashed a storm of bitterness aimed squarely at the government, accusing it of overpromising and underdelivering. However, skeptics on social media are questioning his motives, wondering if his newfound zeal for opposition is simply fueled by personal grievances over losing access to the perks of power.

In a display of unabashed resentment, Mtambo lamented that the cabinet salary was insufficient to cover his children’s school fees, attempting to justify his resentment over his abrupt dismissal. Despite his claims, many view his grievances as thinly veiled attempts to regain political relevance.

Undeterred by skepticism, Mtambo has vowed to unveil strategic maneuvers against the Chakwera government. However, voices on social media are echoing skepticism, asserting that Mtambo’s solo crusade lacks the grassroots support needed to effect real change.

One disillusioned Lilongwe vendor at Tsoka Market remarked, “If Mtambo were still part of the cabinet, he would have remained silent. Now that he’s out, suddenly he’s the champion of the people. He’s in this for himself, not us. He’ll find himself fighting alone.”


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