Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Drug theft involving two young female medical students in Dedza; where is Malawi heading to?

The young medical students caught stealing

It is surreal as if Malawi is truly a cursed nation that larceny is now pervasive as it diffused from an area of higher concentration to now petty theft by the young ones. Truly brooding vipers? This is the case in Malawi as news emerging from the border district of Dedza is to the effect that two medical young trainees have been arrested by the Police for stealing assorted medical drugs.

The two have been identified as Ivy Nkhata 20 and Olivia Mazinga 23 to whom the Police Spokesperson Beatrice Jefita said were doing an attachment at St John Institute for Health in the district.

They have been pictured by the police with their loot displayed and surely having entered into the criminal system, they will, unless forgiven by Courts to give them a suspended sentence, be rotting in Jail, and their future dealt a big blow.

Once convicted which they will as the evidence is incontrovertible, they will also be expelled from the institution of higher learning in which they were studying their medical practice.

If in the hospitals we run out of drugs, it is not always the fault of the government. There are such people as these who are behind such malpractice.   From top to bottom, adults to young, it appears Malawians are now bent on shortcuts. Shameful of this moral decadence, something ought to be done.


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