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Trade Minister Chithyola Urges Traditional Leaders to Follow President Chakwera’s Servant Leadership

Minister Chithyola with Chiefs

Simplex Chithyola Banda, the Member of Parliament representing Kasungu South who is also Minister of Trade and Industry, has called upon traditional leaders in his constituency to model their actions after President Lazarus Chakwera’s approach to leadership, characterized by serving the people. He made these remarks during the elevation ceremony of Village Headman M’bang’ombe to Group Village Headman and Nkhaladzulu to Village Headman in M’komachilolo, within the area of Senior Chief Santhe in Kasungu on August 25, 2023.

Banda emphasized that chiefs should collaborate with the current government and prioritize the role of serving their constituents, in order to maximize the benefits of government initiatives. He stressed the importance of practicing servant leadership, which entails serving with passion, trust, and respect, while maintaining fairness and impartiality as custodians of culture and development programs in the region.

Addressing the issue of hunger in the area, Banda, who also serves as the Minister of Trade and Industry, acknowledged the challenges resulting from insufficient harvests in the previous farming season. He assured the community that the government would provide relief maize to the area.

Furthermore, Banda urged the people in his constituency to enhance agricultural productivity to ensure food security and promote economic empowerment.

Senior Chief Santhe, in his address, urged community members to prioritize education, emphasizing that education is a vital path to individual, local, and national success.

The elevation ceremony was enhanced with traditional performances such as Chisamba and Gulewamkulu. During the event, Chithyola Banda presented each of the newly elevated chiefs with K250,000, and contributed K2 million during the Perekani ceremony, marking the chiefs’ elevation.

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