Sunday, May 26, 2024

DPP Sick at all organs; Party to remain in IC as Cadets hunt for confusionist Chipungu

Chipungu (R)

Amidst chaos, internal strife, and a power struggle within the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), President Peter Mutharika’s leadership is under fire for its incompetence. The party’s notorious youth faction, dubbed cadets, is now embroiled in internal conflict, with a faction pushing for the removal of Chimwemwe Chipungu as the organizing secretary and an errand boy for Peter Mutharika.

In a viral audio circulating on social media, the acclaimed artist behind the infamous “aona nyekhwe” hit song accuses Chipungu, a Member of Parliament from a constituency in Thypolo district, of misleading Party President Peter Mutharika. Chipungu also stands accused of embezzlement and mismanagement of party funds, alleging that during the party’s tenure in government, the artist behind “Aona Nyenkhwe” received no financial support, unlike others such as the Nyau King, Tay-Grin.

The cadets have since pledged that they will manhandle Chipungu during a rally to send the message that they are truly fed up with him.




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