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Social Analyst says Dorothy Shonga May Evict Zeze if He’s Not Cautious; find out why

The love birds: Zeze and Dorothy

I have watched the exclusive interview that Dorothy Shonga and Zeze Kingston had with Brian Banda.

Here is my advice to Zeze from one married man to another; please, stop going to parties and drinking until morning. That’s very childish and disrespectful to your woman.

You said you have matured and grown up since you met Dorothy, but that’s not true, because a mature man can’t party and drink the whole night until morning when he has a woman at home.

You are abusing and torturing your woman and that’s very unfair. No woman deserves that. When you go out to party and drink, the latest you can come back home is 11pm over weekend. That’s a reasonable married man.

If situations force you to go beyond 11pm, please call your wife or text her that you will be late and explain the reason but still go back as soon as you can.

And it’s also very wrong that after drinking the whole night, you go home and kufikira pa living room. Chimencho ndichibwana Zeze.

You are supposed to go straight to the bedroom, remove your clothes, brush your teeth, get in bed and spoon or cuddle your wife. Osati kufikira kusewera play station. That’s not fair to your woman.

Zeze, what you have is great love. I like people in love. Dorothy loves you. But never take the love of a woman for granted unless you are not serious with your life.

Dorothy can tolerate that behavior now because she is still excited with you. But a woman can only endure so much.

Very soon that excitement will die, the honeymoon will be over; you will have had enough of each other. At that point, there will be nothing to hold you together except the respect and trust you have for each other. She will never tolerate that any more, and since she is an independent woman, she will find no reason to suffer. She will walk away, or you will.

Finally, as much as you can and where possible, to take your wife with you to those parties. I wish you the best Zeze. I admire your love with Dorothy. I pray for your happiness.

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