Sunday, May 26, 2024

HRDC Commends Chakwera’s Transport Infrastructure Initiatives in Malawi

Chakwera and HRDC leader Gift Trapence

The Human Rights Defenders (HRDC), like many other civil society organizations, are usually recognized for their tendency to critique the government for its shortcomings. However, today marks an unusual departure from this norm, as HRDC has chosen a less conventional route among civil society groups. They have commended Chakwera’s administration for its commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure, acknowledging that capital investment forms the cornerstone of robust and enduring economic development.

“It is our duty to review how government is ensuring that Malawians are enjoying their rights to economic activities through provision of facilities, such as transportation, which are critical to income generation.”

“In this case, we commend the Chakwera government as it has evidently taken an unprecedented approach of overhauling the transport system in the country,” said Gift Trapence, the Executive Director of HRDC.

Numerous road construction initiatives are underway throughout the nation. Despite this, HRDC has called on the government to vigilantly oversee contractors to prevent inflated budgets, unjust labor practices, and subpar quality of work.


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