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Beware Malawians & stay hygienic as Thyolo Reports Three New Cholera Cases

Cholera alert

During the previous rainy season, Malawi faced one of its most severe cholera outbreaks. As the new rainy season approaches, there are concerning developments, with the Thyolo District Health Office reporting three new cases of cholera in Traditional Authority Nchilamwera. According to the District Health Office, this resurgence is a result of the local communities not availing themselves for the cholera vaccine that was previously offered.

Dr. Arnold Jumbe, the Director of Health and Social Services (DHSS), disclosed that two cholera cases were recorded in Ndalama village, and one case in Mzuwa Village. This situation occurred due to misinformation circulated through social media, leading to a lack of participation in the vaccination efforts by the communities.

“During the previous Tithetse Cholera campaign early this year, Thyolo district had the opportunity to access cholera vaccine but most communities in the two villages were misled by social media messages and this resulted into low uptake of Cholera vaccine.

“People should trust health workers and should ask health workers to provide reliable and right information on cholera”, he said.

Dr. Jumbe assured people of Traditional Authority Nchilamwera that his office will carry out a series of cholera awareness meetings and pot to pot chlorination starting from the affected households.

He further said the district will also distribute Thanzi ORS on top of vaccinating people against Covid-19 in line with National Integrated Tithetse Cholera and Covid-19 Campaign expected to be rolled out soon.

Malawian citizens are encouraged to maintain cleanliness in their households to prevent cholera outbreaks.

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