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DPP back to default settings of infighting as Nankhumwa goes to supreme court amidst disciplinary hearing

Nankhumwa: To challenge his firing in Court

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) appears to have gone back to its former barbaric tendencies, as factions led by Peter Mutharika and Nankhumwa signal an unwillingness to forge common ground for the party’s collective welfare. The DPP’s ethos seems to be shaped by ego, exemplified by vengeful leadership dynamics unfolding within its ranks. If internal reconciliation proves elusive among individuals hailing from the same kinship or regional background, can they be entrusted with the responsibility of unifying the diverse populace of Malawi? Such skepticism looms large.

In the latest developments, Nankhumwa, Jeffrey, and Chazama have embarked on an appeal journey at the Supreme Court of Appeal to contest their removal from prominent positions by party president Peter Mutharika. Their contention revolves around the argument that Mutharika lacks the authority to oust them from positions to which they were duly elected during a party convention.

High Court Judge Howard Pemba recently dismissed the trio’s application, imposing costs, in their bid to compel Mutharika and the DPP to reinstate them. Mutharika, undeterred, reassigned Nankhumwa as the party’s presidential advisor, Chazama assumed a similar role, while Jeffrey was appointed as the party’s vice president for the center. This power struggle and internal strife within the country’s aspiring government persist.

Cassius Chidothe, the legal representative for the three dissenting DPP members, has confirmed the filing of appeal papers in the Supreme Court of Appeal. Judge Howard Pemba’s ruling, delivered on Thursday, has dealt a blow to Kondwani Nankhumwa’s political aspirations of ascending to the DPP presidency. The judgment solidifies the stronghold of the Madala DPP camp, led by Peter Mutharika, who harbors ambitions of being the party’s presidential candidate in 2025.

In the High Court proceedings, Nankhumwa, Jeffrey, and Chazama sought an interlocutory order to suspend Mutharika’s decision to remove them from their respective positions and reassign them.

But Justice Pemba ruled: “Listening to the arguments from both parties, and having thoroughly read the skeleton arguments motivated by the sworn statements filed in support as well as in opposition to the application herein, this Court is convinced on the balance of probabilities that the Claimants have failed to convincingly demonstrate to this Court that they have a good and arguable claim against the Defendants.”

In the meantime, the party is determined to finish the trio by inviting them to a disciplinary committee for presiding and attending a National Governing Council Meeting in Lilongwe which was not sanctioned by the party President. What it means is that in DPP, chaos and infighting is far from over.

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