Tuesday, April 23, 2024

MCP Spokesperson Ezekiel Ching’oma says Tonse Alliance functioning well

All well in Tonse Alliance

The primary coalition partner of the governing Tonse Alliance, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), asserts that the alliance remains fully intact and operational. According to Ezekiel Ching’oma, the MCP’s spokesperson, the alliance partners are actively engaged in the government’s executive activities and policy formulation, countering concerns expressed by certain alliance members.

The MCP’s response follows closely after the Peoples Party accused the MCP of not upholding the pre-election agreements leading up to the 2019 tripartite and 2020 fresh presidential elections. Additionally, the UTM party claimed that the MCP was monopolizing decision-making processes.

In response to these allegations, Ching’oma retaliated by suggesting that some alliance members are expressing discontent because their personal desires are not being met.

Regarding the leadership of the alliance in 2025, Ching’oma indicated that this matter would be addressed following a convention attended by the main alliance partners, during which the selection of their respective party’s presidential candidates would be determined.

“As for the MCP, you might have heard that almost all delegates want Chakwera to continue being President of the party come 2024 convention.

“We wouldn’t know what is cooking within UTM. So let’s cross the bridge when we get there,” he said.

Legal commentators say according to Malawi laws, the Vice President is barred from seeking for another term in the Presidency if he happens to serve for the maximum of two terms.

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