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Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘metaverse’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Author Neal Stephenson coined the word “metaverse” for his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. In his telling, the “metaverse” is a virtual reality version of the internet, where an alternative universe exists in a shared VR space using real-world concepts like roads, buildings, rooms, and everyday objects. People move around in this universe as avatars, which are 3D representations that can interact with other people through their avatars, and also interact with avatar-like entities that are really software agents.

METAVERSE is a Greek word made up of two words; Meta and Universe. Actually Meta is translated ‘beyond.’ Metaverse is therefore Beyond Universe. Metaverse is a virtual technology that combines Virtual gaming, Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality (VR).

The metaverse literary concept is universally dystopian, representing a kind of totalitarian capitalism in which people are compelled to live much of their lives in a fake world owned by a corporation. For example, in Cline’s book, everyone is so invested in a metaverse called the “OASIS” (where people not only play games, but also go to school, work, and pay their taxes) that the real world declines into squalor from neglect.

With this technology for example, we can be having a wedding, wearing Metaverse headsets and we will be seeing each other like we are all at one place and yet, we are thousands kilometres apart.  Churches for example will have no need to gather thousands of people together, everyone will be attending from their homes but with the aid of AR, would be feeling like we are all in one auditorium.  Myself being a lecturer, it means I will not need to come to classes and deliver my lectures; Metaverse will create a classroom environment for us. Wow! That sounds good. Abi?

But MetaVerse means beyond Universe. Do you remember what made Elon Musk a Billionaire? His invention, in creating a spaceship that is re-usable and cheaper to go to space. That is what they are calling SpaceX. Did you hear that the founder of Amazon resigned as a CEO of the organisation he founded and made him a billionaire? Yes Jeff Bezos is now into Space ship business.

In simple we can say our billionaires are all interested into space. It’s like they are all moving away from the Earth. Some even suggesting that we should in a near future occupy Mars; Earth will be highly polluted and should think of deserting the Earth.  Do you think its coincidence that all this is happening while other scientists are working tirelessly to help a man live forever, in what they call Trans-humanism? Do you really think mRNA and all these Robotic inventions and nanobots are just mere inventions? Your guess is as good as mine.


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