Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Peter Mutharika lies of turning Mangochi into Singapore re-told

Former President Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika who ruled this country for about six years and whose contribution development-wise is still debatable over the weekend told the lie that had he continued ruling this country, he would have turned Mangochi into Singapore.

Previously, Mutharika had hoodwinked Malawians that he wanted to turn Malawi into Singapore despite presiding over rampant corruption, nepotism, and cronyism until Malawians booted him out of the Presidential seat unceremoniously in the June 23 2020 High Court ordered Fresh election which saw President Chakwera winning.

The rally the former ruling DPP had over the weekend would be billed as a regrouping party as almost all members who were fighting were there at the rally in Mangochi. During the meeting, Mutharika urged the opposition to remain united praising Aford’s Enock Chihana for working with the opposition as well as UTM legislators who are also working with the opposition when it comes to voting in Parliament.

What would surely not be underestimated would be the regrouping of the DPP and seemingly the opposition as the year ends. However, the script is the same, feeding Malawians lies thinking they are gullible. Malawians are yet to see if the unity displayed by the DPP over the weekend is genuine considering the fact that there is a convention coming their way and normally, party conventions are a destructive affair where political parties stand chances to rapture

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