Sunday, March 3, 2024

Ken Msonda says Mangochi rally exposed wider cracks in DPP


Political motormouth Ken Msonda has chided his own party saying the meeting the party had in Mangochi over the weekend exposed the wider cracks that are in the former ruling DPP.

According to Msonda, the meeting lacked procedure from start to end. Observed Msonda: “That rally has exposed our cracks in the party, it was better not to hold it. The cracks in the party are getting wider and worse unless the Lord intervenes.”

He continued:

“Just imagine; where, in your political thinking did you see party executive members not being recognized at a public political rally?”

“Where in your political thinking did you see a regional party Vice President for the region being denied an opportunity to speak at a public rally addressed in his region?”

According to Msonda, what happened during the Mangochi rally did not inspire confidence to project the DPP as a party which can form government in 2025.

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