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Head injured, abdomen opened for Moyale Barracks Lieutenant over K1,000 prostitute balance

Since time immemorial, most of those who join the police and the military are people face or faced  hardships growing up. When they secure these mass jobs, some of them, unfortunately, don’t show respect to their own wives. Due to  the little money they receive as salaries, they mistake their meagre salaries as big monies and think they now own the world.  They engage in unfaithful behavior or struggle with excessive drinking. So if they are not womanising in the name of being a soldier or a police officer ( most of them corruption kingpins), then they are into drinking beer with prostitutes completing their happiness, all this in the name of compensating for their misery lives they had growing up. This is how horrible these people. This explains why they are mostly found HIV positive. This explains why most of the died in 1990’s and early 2000’s when there were no ARVs. They have to reflect and change from these counterproductive and perilous ways.

To exemplify this unfortunate trend, a soldier, in fact a Lieutenant,  from Moyale Barracks in Mzuzu City has brought shame upon himself, his wife, and the Malawi Defence Force. He was wounded in the abdomen and back by an angry prostitute wielding a Castle beer bottle, feeling mistreated for her services.

Here’s what occurred: The soldier took a prostitute named Hawa Shaibu from the Paris Night Club in Old Town, Mzuzu, to the Big Elephant in Luwinga with his two colleagues for a drinking session. Finding all the places closed upon reaching Luwinga, they decided to head back to the Paris Night Club. The soldier, however, spent little time in Old Town and then dropped off his colleagues at Msongwe, with the suspect accompanying him.

On their way back from Msongwe, an agreement was made for sexual intercourse at a fee of MK4,000.00. According to the soldier, their interaction was limited to oral sex, and he gave her MK3,000.00.

This didn’t sit well with the girl, leading her to assault the soldier with a Castel beer bottle on his abdomen. As a result, the soldier sustained multiple serious wounds on his stomach, with lungs out. The suspect also bit the soldier on his left hand and hit him with the bottle on his right forehead.

The incident was reported to the Mzuzu Police Station, resulting in the arrest of the suspect. The wounded soldier received outpatient treatment at the Mzuzu Central Hospital.










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