Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dev Mak paints Tamia Jah as prostitute; I slept with her despite her dating Duncan

In the Malawian world of entertainment, a tale reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah unfolds. Dev Mak, in a recent interview on Nyau-Yu’s Mijedo Corner, portrayed Tamia Jah as an exceptional individual, emphasizing her kindness to everyone.

Dev clarified that he and Tamia connected through social media, with Tamia seeking his expertise when she purchased her first car and wanted it customized. The project took three days, during which Tamia stayed at Dev’s house due to the distance to her home.

On the third day, after completing their work, they decided to go out for drinks but found themselves returning home at 1 pm. They shared a meal and ended up spending the night together. Dev Mak stressed that their relationship was that of close friends who also shared intimate moments.

During the interview, Dev revealed the depth of their friendship, stating that Tamia entrusted him with her phone password, Airtel money passwords, and more. However, he clarified that he never proposed to Tamia; their connection was rooted in friendship with occasional intimacy.

Despite their personal connection, both Dev Mak and Tamia Jah had ambitious business plans, including collaborating on an Amapiano song. Interestingly, during this time, Tamia was still romantically involved with Duncan Nyoni, according to Dev Mak. He asserted that Tamia was or had been unfaithful to Duncan.

In the current scenario, Tamia is reportedly attempting to reconcile with Duncan, leading to a distancing between her and Dev Mak.

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