Thursday, July 18, 2024

President Chakwera Revamps Capital: Old Bridge to be Demolished for Modern Upgrade

LL bridge to be demolished

Lilongwe, previously overlooked by the former administration, is now a hub of construction activity. President Chakwera is dedicated to enhancing the city’s transportation network, given its rapid expansion that has led to persistent traffic issues. A recent development in this effort is the scheduled demolition of the Lilongwe Bridge on November 1 of this year.

This demolition will make way for the construction of a cutting-edge bridge, a project supported by the Japanese Government, according to a statement by Portia Kajanga, the spokesperson for the Roads Authority. Kajanga also mentioned that in the interim, two temporary bridges will be built by October to facilitate traffic during the construction of the modern bridge.

“The new bridge will have five lanes. Passengers and motorists will have their lanes on both sides of the bridge. This will be a bridge befitting the capital city, Lilongwe,” Kajanga said.

Regarding the current progress of constructing the M1 Dual Carriageway of superior quality from Crossroads to Kanengo, with assistance from the Chinese Government, Portia Kajanga mentioned that a section of the road will soon be partially accessible for traffic.

Moses Kunkuyu, the Minister of Information, stated that as the government works towards balanced development across the nation, it is committed to ensuring that Lilongwe City reaches its deserving status.

A diverse group of city residents have expressed their approval for the government’s initiative in undertaking these projects, which they believe will notably enhance the traffic flow.


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